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Dreary Hamlet Reviews

A really fun, easy to pick up game with a wonderful eerie and macabre aesthetic.
— Helen
Addictive monster hunting fun with intense gameplay mixing luck and strategy where everything is in your control, and nothing is in your control. It’s a game, but it’s also a metaphor for life. You fight monsters, hoard loot, and then die wishing for one more piece of gold. Except here dying means either laughing at the people still struggling to match your greatness, or haunting your friends like a poltergeist and making their lives hell. It’s a good game.
— Ying
Unlike anything I’ve ever played. If the monsters don’t get you, your friends will...
— Gauvain85
Dreary Hamlet is a unique and fun game. The entire game feels tense as you’re never quite sure whether the dice will roll your way or whether you’ll be out of luck. I really like the change from day to night and how that adds a whole aspect of drama to your survival. I also think the idea of being able to continue to play after death is awesome, because it means that everyone can still remain involved in the game. The art (that I’ve seen so far) has been detailed, dark and fantastical, which really adds to the atmosphere of the game. I also really like the process of trying to create something more valuable out of the bits and pieces you get from the loot pile. Overall, can’t wait to get my hands on this game!
— Lanora
Dreary Hamlet had me hooked from day one, when I play tested it at Gamma.Con in Canberra I was thrown off my schedule because I ended up playing the game for hours. The gameplay elements such as leaving your victims fate up to the roll of the dice, and being the first to die in the game only to come back as a ghost to terrorise the surviving players kept me and my friends coming back again and again for the chance to be the richest peasant in Hamlet. 10/10
— dude_thisguy
Dreary Hamlet is an enticing game that truly sucks you in. Using strategy is all well and good, but then so much of your fate is also tied to luck - just when I thought I had a win in the bag, think again! Re-match please!
— Jacqui
Dreary Hamlet is amazing!! Such a great suspense driven game, staying alive is key... Or is it? :P Cannot recommend highly enough.
— Darcy

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