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Dreary Hamlet

Dreary Hamlet is a quiet, unremarkable place. Outside of the squalid houses children natter and shriek, jumping the muddy holes and gaping trenches that riddle its shambling paths. It is a destination so rarely sought that no true roads to it exist. Outsiders never come to this place.

…at least, they never used to.

But tales are being whispered in taverns, over sodden tables and through numbed lips, of the Dreary Gate at Hamletsmaw. As the days grow shorter, and solstice slides ever closer, the seething shadows around tiny, unremarkable Dreary Hamlet, are lengthening and growing fangs.

With your last coins spent on the warmth in your belly, you set out to bring fortune and glory to your name, or die with honour in the endeavour…

Dreary Hamlet is a 1-4 player card game centred around dice-based combat, in which players will take on the role of adventurers caught in their weakest moment. Times are hard, and to feed their family players will be forced to slay creatures spawned by the Maw during the day, and fight with the last of their strength just to make it through the night.

 With a dice-based combat mechanic every game will be different, with players forced to gamble against their ever dwindling health in return for higher gains. In addition Dreary Hamlet brings a unique day and night system to the table, ensuring that players will truly feel threatened when dusk falls.

No matter the player, one constant remains; everyone will die.


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